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Hand Carved and Hand Painted Animal Wood Carving Ornaments ---Wholesale Prices in CDN$ & US$
sizes show as Height x Width x Depth

ALIGATOR1SS.jpg (10747 bytes)
home decor
2.5*6*2.5   inches
CDN$6 / US$4.85  each
TURTLE5SS.jpg (9733 bytes)
home decoration
4.5*9*5   inches
CDN$11 / US$8.85   each
MOOSE2SS.jpg (11987 bytes)
gift item
5.5*5.5*2     inches
CDN$6 / US$4.85
DSCN5113SSANIMAL.jpg (11718 bytes)
CDN$5 / US$4  each
appro. 6 x 4 x 2.5 inches

Animal-5113B  happy dolphin on stand
CDN$5 / US$4  each
appro.6 x 2x 2 inches

Animal-5113C  dolphin
CDN$4 / US$3.25  each
appro. 3 x 4.75 x 3 inches

Animal-5113D  little pig
CDN$4 / US$3.25  for two pieces
appro. 2.5 x 1 x 1 inches
ANIMAL6073SS.jpg (12323 bytes)
happy dolphin on stand
CDN$6 / US$4.85 each
appro.7 x 2.5x 2.5 inches

CDN$5 / US$4  each
appro. 3.5 x 6 x 3.5 inches
SAND4FSS.jpg (11435 bytes)
MOOSE-1     CDN$9 / US$7.5
12 X 5 X 6 inches
sanded moose
CAT5SS.jpg (16606 bytes)

CAT6SS.jpg (17093 bytes)
CAT-6    CDN$10 / US$8  per set
3 cats set  in assorted color
largest cat is 11 inches in height
gir-05.jpg (10213 bytes) Giraffe on Base: A to F
   Cdn$9 / US$7.25
H--40 cm     H--16 inches

   Cdn$14 / US$11
H--60 cm     H--24 inches

GIR-05D      Cdn$30 / US$25
H--100 cm      H--39 inches
no free shipping on GIR-05D

GIR-05E    Cdn$50/ US$40
made of 2 pieces, one part is the head and neck, the other part is the body and base
H--150 cm     H--59 inches
no free shipping on GIR-05E

GIR-05F    Cdn$75 /  US$60
made of 2 pieces, one part is the head and neck, the other part is the body and base
H--200 cm     H--79 inches
no free shipping on GIR-05F

Please note there is no insurance available for the large giraffe (size D to F) and we don't take any claim if any damages occure during shipping.  But we always check they are in good condition before ship out. (16310 bytes)
CAT2234SS.jpg (18337 bytes)
only available in assorted black and tan colour

size appro. 4 inches in height
CDN$3 / US$2.35 EACH

size 8 inches in height
CDN$4 / US$3.2 each

SAND1SS.jpg (13089 bytes)
SAND-1     CDN$16 / US$12 per set
largest cat is 10 inches in height
set of 3 sanded cats
home decorating idea and giftware
SAND3FSS.jpg (14499 bytes)
SAND-3     CDN$22 / US$18  per set
set of 2 sanded cats
largest cat is 16 inches
SAND6SS.jpg (15599 bytes)
SAND-6   CDN$12 / US$10 per set
set of 3 sanded cats
largest cat is 10 inches in height
HOLDER2237SS.jpg (16272 bytes)
CDN$8 / US$6.75
NH800SS.jpg (15078 bytes)
NH-800 fish napkin holder with tooth pick holder and 6 tooth picks
assorted designs
CDN$8 / US$6.45
5 X 8 X 4.5 inches

All products in this page are available to ship from our warehouse in USA and Canada,
no import duty or customs clearring charge involved for USA or Canada customers

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